A selection of board room- meeting room tables from the standard models to a custom designed table, Office Furniture Online has a large variety of styles and finishes for you to choose from to create the board table that will best reflect your business style and budget.

The are several styles of standard metal table frames available that can be fitted with either pre finished  Melamine or a custom made timber veneer tops with solid timber edging to provide a unique on-off product.

A board table usually has to accommodate the larger style of chair so it is important to allow enough space for each position. Depending on the table base or frame configuration a space of 900 mm wide for each chair is a good standard.

As an example based on a rectangle shaped table top

A table 2.7 meters wide  x 1.0 meter deep can seat up to 8 chairs ( that’s 3 per side and 1 at each end ) while a 10 seat table should be at least 3.6 meters in length. To ensure your table will fit the room allow for a minimum of 1. 5 meters access around the table